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Coir Pots

Ngày 17/01/2016 10:37 PM | Xem (513)

Coir pots made from coconut fiber material is already cleaned and dried processed to remove impurities, kill harmful bacteria. Then, the molded coir is shaping into pots of different sizes. In the outdoor natural environment, the degradability of this pot over 03 months to 01 years depending on the size and thickness of the pot.

Main uses: used to plant flowers in the family furniture or office work. Shaping and bring nature into the home when used for interior decoration. Also, coir pots can be used to grow and transport nursery saplings, seedlings, flowers ....
Advantages of the product: high aesthetic than plastic pots, high safety when not fall apart as the porcelain bowl. Cheaply, saving costs. If used for growing nursery plants will grow well and naturally by the plant roots can grow through the crust pot and continue to grow normally when placed on the ground, to avoid cases of pots and root extract " bent "as potted porcelain or plastic.
- Planting flowers: Let soil in pots and plant trees, flowers matching the size of the pot. Note: watering just enough moisture to preserve the strength of the pot. Better use in environments airy interior.
- Nursery plant: Let soil in pots, the seeds for nursery to nursery or planting seedlings in pots directly. For external iliac natural environment and normal watering. After seeing the roots develop and grow through grade pot, when it will give the seedlings potted and planted directly into the ground (or into larger pots) without having to extract the pot. Pots will decompose naturally and create classes for plant growth nutrients. Pots will replace the bags perfect for using nylon bag and do not harm the environment.
- Also, because of high aesthetics, Coir pots is also used in producing artificial flowers, art galleries create natural spaces in the home or office.
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